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reStart Inc. is curating an event unlike anything you've experienced before


17 Kansas Citians will take you on a deeply moving journey through homelessness. 


Two evenings, one cause.


Join Us.

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"I have always been intrigued by the fact that each and every person is a one-of-a-kind original - a never before created miracle. This simple, yet complex truth, "

we are ALL original miracles" is the creative seed that flames my passion for photography and represents the connecting thread with all of my work"



The Reveal & Patrons Party
November 2nd, 5:30pm
The Kansas City Mu


In creating a more tangible experience, we hope to move you to take an active role in realizing a sustainable solution to homelessness. THE ROAD HOME is an illustration in courage, despair, hope and compassion. It is a revealing look at what life looks like when the need for housing goes unmet. But TOGETHER we can raise awareness, inspire hope and build dreams into reality. Please join us in reducing the stigma of homelessness through effective conversation, create partnerships and work toward sustainable solutions to end homelessness.


This is our Call to Action.

We're changing the way the world looks at homelessness.

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The Reveal
Photography Exhibition & Patron Party
Thursday, November 2nd
5:30 pm - 8:00 pm
The Kansas City Museum

The Patron Party includes admission to the exclusive VIP Reveal at the beautiful and historic Kansas City Museum.


You will be the first to see the compelling portraits taken and produced by award winning photographer and filmmaker, Randy Bacon.  During this private cocktail reception, there will be an exclusive opportunity to  "Meet & Greet" our artist and more. 

Beyond this event, THE ROAD HOME will continue to settle into the hearts and minds of countless numbers of people.


The Kansas City Museum will feature THE ROAD HOME for a six month continuation. From there it will travel to many other galleries. as requests for installations are received.


Over time, elements of the exhibit and its message will disseminate in a variety of ways, venues and media. With the help of Randy Bacon's international reach, the number of people who will see THE ROAD HOME is countless.


In gratitude of your support, select sponsorships will be included in all marketing efforts relating to the exhibit.

Attendance is limited, please see sponsorship opportunities for more information and reserve your spots today

The Film,
Cocktails & Conversation
November 9th, 5:30pm
The Bauer

A testament of the human spirit.

It is a tangible depiction

of courage, determination and generosity -

both theirs AND yours!



Please join us in reducing the stigma of homelessness, create partnerships toward sustainable solutions and have effective conversations. TOGETHER, we can raise awareness to the possibility and security that housing brings & inspire hope to youth, veterans, families and individuals experiencing homelessness in Kansas City.

Join us for delicious appetizers & cocktails, live music, an auction, inspiring guest speakers and our life changing film. 

This evening has been designed to honor the importance of our mission and the people we serve. 

Your gift to reStart Homecoming 2023; The Road Home will literally changes lives. Your impact can begin today.


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"They saved my life. They literally saved my life. I had really lost my faith in humanity & decided that my life didn't matter much to anyone anyway.  Until reStart.

— Anon., Vietnam Veteran

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“Sometimes all you need is to be cared about...that makes all the difference you know? reStart cares, they really do care." 

— Stacy 

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PART ONE - The Reveal


PART TWO - The Film


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